Why Social Media is Bad For Mental Health?

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In this article, we will get some important point on “Why Social Media is bad for mental health?” where you will get major pinots how social media affect the brain, emotions, timing and more. This thing matter in life. Because in these busy scheduled life people giving their precious time to social media instead of friends and family.

1) Editing Your Life’s

 Life is full of important movements. Think about your vacation on your holiday dinners with your friends and family.

In these busy days in your career, people think about their memories stay with them forever.

 But many people remember is not enough. 

They need a physical reminder for them, so they click pictures and record videos of the event.

Yes, it is a good way to remind old memories and that memories let them enjoy that movement.

But posting them on the social media platform, something strange kind of thing happens.

You stop focusing on the moment with itself and start cutting that photos and merging according to social media. Here you do not enjoy that moment. 

You are just writing “What you feel?” in the event.

Or drafting the stuff how does it feel to you. But think about it WHY YOU WANT TO THAT?

It’s simple to you and your brain is trying to show “How Perfect and Powerful life and living you have?”  in front of the social media people where you don’t know who they are?

But due to this kind of perfection spoiling the moment.

You are just wasting your important time and moment where you should enjoy that time and moment on the internet where you don’t know your surrounding people.

2) Dependence on Reinforcement

Views on social media posts views, likes, and comments kind of stuff are the example of Positive Reinforcement.

Positive Reinforcement is you are getting some rewards for some positive work done.

 For example, imagine a parent who gave ice as a reward to his kid for good behaving to doctors. 

The example of ice cream and social media are both similar stuff. They are just providing you positive reinforcement.

This thing gives you a boost up in which will motivate you to keep going.

You might feel special after posting a picture online. You get a couple of likes and comments also.

But these thing motivates you to post again and again until you post EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Due to positive reinforcement on daily basis, you are getting dependent on social media for positive reinforcement.

You started relying on these platforms to make you feel good.

And that can be a dangerous thing for your social, physical as well as mental health.

Solution on Positive Reinforcement 

 You have to practice appreciating yourself. It’s a little bit hard but a really enjoyable process. But in case you don’t practice appreciating yourself, the thing will hard to motivate yourself.  

By doing this you can spend your time with friends and family. Now you have more platform than one (social media) to motivate and stay motivated.

3) Wasting Our Time

Social media is the best way of a time-waster. Without realizing on social media platforms. You are wasting hours-an-hours on it.

Some people start social media from bed also or nighttime as well.          

Some people use 5 Minutes each hour which also takes about 1 hour in the complete day time.

You can save these kinds the social media hours and use it to spend time with family or do productive things.

Time is one area, where social media becomes specially distractive. It twists the way you think.

It distracts you from all those pictures, buttons, and videos.

4) The Motivation Killer

Social media and motivation are natural enemies. Social Media hurts your motivation most.

It destroys your productivity and self-esteem. 

Each time you surf on social media, you see people doing amazing things. Like they are traveling or going on a world tour and all.

Now, are thinking that these things are inspirational and motivational. But, wait.

After watching this kind of stuff on social media, you compare your life with them.

And start regrating your self. Like they have a good life and you have the worst most.

But, instead of thinking about their life. You should have to take care of your life and think about how it can be better.   


5) Blocking Our Happiness

  • Social media changes your mood. Most of the social media seems to be harmless.

It is something you do when you are online and trying to get sleep. 

Social media is not a path to pass the time. It can stop you from being happy.

The research, confirms that a normal Facebook user is less happy than a normal person.

Social media addicted people feel lower self-esteem and felt less supported.

Whereas, the people who don’t use Facebook or any other social media are the most full-field and confident person.

The above statement was delivered by the researcher after tested on multiple platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and more.

 So, please stay away from social media, if you don’t want completely addicted.

6) The Cycle Of Jealousy

Whenever you logged in to your account, you put your self in one kind of jealous cycle.

Many social media users trying to create that jealousy in other people. 

Jealousy starts when you browse someone’s profile of admiring people.

But in your eye point of view, they are doing something great things and you respect or envy them.

So try to make a profile similar to them or look like them too.

And this whole thing just for that wow feeling (That can not feel), or some like and comments.

This is the way of jealousy chain starts. 

So, How just that jealousy impact your brain?

Suddenly you are not thinking about the life you want.

You are not living you anymore. 

You are living to live to jealous someone.

You are only satisfied when you envy others.

 The Main Thing That These Social Media Platforms POOLS YOU in the “Vicious Cycle”.

If you are not careful, you will lose that matters to you.

7) Forecasting Errors

Many people make basic cognitive errors when they logged into their accounts.

They expect that social media have a positive impact on their life. They expected to be having fun, helpful, and enjoyment.

When you expect to feel one thing and then exciting but in-depth feeling is another. Then you are the phase called “Forecasting error”.

In this case, your forecast says “You are gone a fun” but the reality is something different.

These kinds of things happen always like you are thinking about this time will be good but it gets a bad time. Means your forecast going to wrong again and again.

In these kinds of things, you have to accept that condition and fight with them.


 All the about shows How Social Media Affect Your Brain. So, you have to work on it and make your life great and better.

As well as enjoy the moments and timing.

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