What is Blogging ? Meaning of blogging ?

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Blogging is a simple website base content, suppose ” if you have any type of idea or skill , then you can promote these skill in front world with help of blogging.

what is in blogging ?

If you want to do blogging then you can start your blogging journey with the help of word press or blogger. Blogger is a free platform while word press is paid.

Today we discuss about how to make a blog site with the help of word press!

In blogging, domain & hosting is mandatory to start your online business & start with that domain your online journey. And connect both of them [Domain & Hosting] But The Question in your mind is how to register a domain and how get a hosting? right.

How to register a domain name and how get a hosting?

what is a domain ?

Domaine is a specific URL of your site, to know people with that name of your blog/brand name these is a called a domain.

why domain and hosting is important ?

Domain name is important because of the brand name of your blogsite and hosting is storage of your data they store all your data present on your site.

how to register domain name ?

Go to any online domain register site like as go daddy or namecheap register your domain and hosting. After you getting domain , you buy a hosting which is in your budgets, after buying hosting then hosting company send a mail to you according to name server. These name server connect to your domain.

After connecting you go to hosting c panel scrolling down you find a option of application Softaculous and you choose a word press and install your first site on goggle.

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