Best Music Streaming Apps For Streaming Music Online/Offline “Top 10”

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In these pandemic days Co-vid 19 or CORONA is on top level and hence people are at home. So, lots of people have been moved on online streaming platforms and media consumption is increased were one of the streaming services is Listening Music Online with music app where you stream music. This is why we come with this article where you will get some of the best music streaming apps. All of them are free to use but if you are interested in buying a membership, it is also worth it.

The Top Music Streaming Apps/Music App

1) Ganna App

2) JioSavan

3) Spotify

4) Apple Music

5) Resso

6) YouTube Music

7) Amazon Music

8) Hungama music

9) Google Play Music

10) Wynk Music

Let’s come to the point Best free Music Streaming Apps

1) “Ganna” Music Streaming App

Let’s get about the Ganna app. It has been there for quite some time. The Ganna app has been there since 2010 and it has one of the goods about a particularly regional song as well as the Bollywood songs or catalogs of Bollywood songs. It is free to use as well as it has a paid membership plan of around 99Rs/month. So you can get an internet setting pattern that to read that offer.
Something good about this app is online and offline listening of songs. There is of the paid version is called Ganna plus which is a premium subscription. You can either go for a yearly subscription that has a good collection is of the song from history.

For the Indian market Indian language. So a lot of things are there Radio SL legends download songs. We can play offline or online songs. This is also one of best music app.

2) “Jio Savan” Music Streaming App

Jiosaavn music streaming app has been really old, it is found in 2007 and after onward it is acquired by Jio. This app is one of the best apps right now available. This app has a really good collection, which is about 45 million songs of the collection in Hindi and English languages. Its plan started around 99Rs/ month.
You can check this app also.

3) “Spotify” Music Streaming App

Spotify is an extremely popular app of Music Streaming around the globe and that they made their debut in India around 2019 and even in just one week of arrival. It is almost 1 million users and created based on the interest of the user and the subscription plan 119Rs/month.
You have also got a trial period and an ad-free experience. There is also a really good collection of songs available in Spotify.

This is a really popular service across the globe. So they made their entry into India into 2019. This is best music app for android.

4) “Apple Music” App

Apple music is owned by Apple and best music app for i-phonessssss. They provide media services across 100 countries and it was initially started as a streaming service for apple and then it was available for Android uses as well. So, Apple music has 50 Million songs and it can also be streamed online, and actually, the paid subscription plans start at 99Rs/month. But again, you can have a 49 Rs/month plan if you are a student.

So its again, very good so we can see that it also comes with a really good collection of songs, and around 15 million songs are listed in the playlist on Apple music. So I see the catalog is really good on Apple music. This is one of best music app for i-phone because it is developed the Apple.

5) “Resso” Music Streaming App

If the article reader is Indian then you know the most popular social media platform for sharing video TikTok by “ByteDance”, its company is based in China. The ByteDance company has launched his music streaming service called Resso and launched in India. It is the initial testing phase and now it has been rolled out in India. This is only available in India and Indonesia.

An introduction towards the Resso app is quite different and unique because songs can be by swiping vertically and not swiping horizontally.It also has a subscription plan of about 99Rs/month and except for that is also has a free subscription where you can stream song of 128 kBps or 256Kbps with ads.It has downloads of about 1Million from the launch date.

6) YouTube Music App

YouTube Music again getting popular in India because everyone knows that with Google and YouTube can do a great job in the market and one of the goods and best streaming services with its both potential.

Now, YouTube music has the option of music playback and video playback available in the same app, which means you can watch videos as well as listen to songs.All videos uploaded on YouTube service by means streamer and artist available as music on YouTube and can get the latest content on it. Because everyone launching songs on YouTube.

YouTube Music Streaming app and the service was launched in March 2019 in India and their fees available in the subscription plan starts at 99Rs/month. This is one of best music player app for android .

7) Amazon Music App

Amazon’s music is owned by Amazon. Now would think about Amazon music is that if you have one Amazon Prime account, your subscription is loaded in it. Hence, you can stream music with your Amazon Prime account.If you don’t have an amazon prime subscription, then it starts from 129Rs/-. and in addition to the prime membership in addition to the music service, you can access Amazon prime and Prime services.

Amazon prime has a really good collection of songs and streaming services and it has children with Alexa Amazon, old music services and this was good. You can also check this app.

8) Hungama Music App

Hungama Music App is owned by is one of the largest digital media entertainment companies in Southeast Asia and you can get a lot of classic songs in Hindi, classic effect old songs, and almost all Indian languages in one place.

This app is available in almost 47+ countries and 20 million-plus users are using this Hungama Music App.This is a good service. He had ads supported interface and I know that it has a really good collection of songs.

Its pro version or subscription is about 99Rs/month which will give you an ads-free experience.

9) Google Play Music App

Google music streaming services app was launched about in Nov. 2011 and it comes with pre-installed in Millions of Android smart-phones. Its good thing is that you can upload your songs about 50,000.Its premium version starts 99Rs/month which will give you an ad-free experience.

This all have by the Google Music Service app by Google and best music player app for android because it has been developed one biggest tech company Google.

10) Wynk Music App

First music streaming services in India which lets you download and listen to song off-line songs. It is a free service for Airtel subscribers and now it is almost like 49Rs/month. That was one of the cheapest services available right now.It also has good collections of songs and again the catalog is pretty good. So that Airtel “Wynk Music”, and this is one of the cheapest music streaming app.

Conclusion: So, we have provided you some best and cheapest music streaming services. If you like one them or thinking about it. Please let us know. The Top Music Streaming Apps

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