Made in India 5G network jio coming soon 2021

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Made in India 5G network jio coming soon 2021


Last few years jio which is an indian company change the face of telecom industry after launching the 4G network. Tuesday, India mobile congress 2020 event mukesh ambani jii said about the 5G network of jio. According to mukesh ambani jio launch 5G network soon and they work & testing in progress.

jio made in India 5G network

  1. Tuesday the event India mobile congress 2020 jio clearly announced 5G network.
  2. According mukesh ambani jii jio 5G network launch in 2nd half 2021.
  3. jio 5G network is good to our future & another next steps of Atmanirbhar bharat.
  4. Also the jio partnership with the Qualcomm & samsung for budget 4G /5G phones.

Jio 5G future palns

After announced the jio 5G,they work on smartphones. They truely impact in smart phones market after few years.According rumors jio planning to partnership with the Qualcomm and the samsung.

Jio planning the budge 4G smart phone launch in markets.Because of the smart phone is essential things today’s generation.

Jio 5G testing

Jio 5g maximum speed nearly 1gbps in India test in jio so it’s good to and we also observe in feature how they work.


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