How to use Pinterest For Affiliate Marketing?

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 Did you know, a lot of people drive 10k to more than millions of traffic to their Blogs, Affiliate links, and more. 

This traffic helps them to make some great hands-on money🤑.

That great tool and secret are Pinterest that helps bloggers, and affiliates/ affiliate marketers using for years.

So you may want to know, “how does this thing work?”

The answer is “Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing“.

Before proceeding to that we need to know the following things:

1. What is Pinterest? 

2. What is Affiliate marketing?

3.How Pinterest is useful for Affiliate Marketing?

a. Pinterest for blogging and making passive money online.

b. Pinterest for medium and making passive/ recurring money every month.

             c. Make money directly using Pinterest for affiliate marketing

Pinterest is an American image social media platform where you can share and see images as per your Pinterest.

Pinterest has more than 300+ billion pins/images, short videos, and Gifs.

This platform has a specialty to get images as per interests like blogging, weight loss, health, technology, adventure, cartoons, Hollywood stars, and much more categories to view.

2) What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is simply to promote a product / any product or service whenever someone buys the product or signs up for the service, you are going to make a commission which could one time or recurring.

For example:

 If Sam has purchased any Amazon product like a laptop through your Williams affiliate link where William is associated with Amazon affiliate.

So William is going to be paid without disturbing the main product or service price.

Now, what is a recurring commission?

The recurring commission means you are going to be paid not only the first time after affiliate purchase as well as if they subscribed to any monthly/ weekly service or product subscription through your affiliate link, but you are also going to be paid for lifetime whenever he/she pays to the service or product provider.

The payment will be monthly/ weekly as per company regulation.

For example: 

Sam is facing a problem with their old email service provider where he was not able to respond to his email or subscribers properly.

Then William suggests to Sam that he should use “XYZ” email marketing service provider where he can reply to his mail list automatically, he can also conduct webinars with no limit, creating landing pages or forms and more email services at the same cost.

So, William 1st signed up to that service affiliate program and suggest this XYZ email service to his friend Sam to buy service through his link and Sam will discount.

But in the background, William will receive monthly payments 💸

Because Sam is going to be paid every month to the service provider.

3) How is Pinterest useful for Affiliate Marketing?

Pinterest had more than 68 million visitors last month as well as it is getting lots of millions of views every month. 

To start affiliate marketing using Pinterest, affiliate marketers need just a few thousand clicks on their link.

For example, as a beginner affiliate marketer if you get 1000 clicks on your affiliate link. It is enough to convert 10-100 people. If the product/ service gives a minimum 10$ commission, still you are going to make 100-1000$.

So, How can I get clicks/ real visitors on my affiliate link?

Ok, 1st thing is that you can not promote direct affiliate links on Pinterest. i.e. spamming on the platform and they will directly click you from their platform.


So, what should I suppose to do? And
Which makes more chances to purchase from your link?

The best way to get traffic from Pinterest is by creating content on the platform “Pinterest“. The best thing about this platform, it supports new users to grow and shows their results to targeted people.

So that you can get a targeted audience on your links.

This means that your content and their connection towards affiliated links only will be seen by the people who are interested in it.

How to create content for Pinterest?

There are few following steps🚶 –

1. Sing up with

2. Create a board on the Pinterest platform: 

      The board is like a Facebook page for the Pinterest platform which is known as a Pinterest Board.

3. Start creating “Pins” on the Pinterest Board. 

     (What are the Pins?) Pins are simply images that you are going to post which some specific long vertical dimension which is 1000*1500 (2:3) with the pins are incomplete without any Title, description.

Tip: Do you use SEO-friendly keywords in your description and title. [Note: Don’t stuff keywords, make it suitable to it.]

Use keyword as an #Hashtags in the description.

4. Create daily pins with tools like and post consistently.

a. Pinterest for blogging and making passive money online.

You can promote your blog website link through Pinterest and can drive huge millions of traffic to your blog where you can earn through Google Adsense and add affiliate links.

And think about how you are going to make money through these millions of traffic to Adsense and affiliate links.

So, what could be the results?

It will be 5 figure – 6 figure money passive.

As per information about from Signing up to creating pins and getting traffic.
There are some rules you should follow:

#Rule 1: Don’t use a personal account to drive traffic to your website;

A personal account has lots of restrictions whereas a business account has lots of features like analytics, engagement score, target audience, scheduling pins, and more.

Except this personal account gets easily banned if any suspicious activity is found on your account.

A business account gets a warning, and it gets suspended.

You are going to promote your website/blog.

Hence personal accounts will get easily banned, as compared to business accounts.

You have permission to link the authorized websites to your pins there you can drive traffic.

#Rule 2: Don’t ignore the power of Rich pins this means you have to enable it.

If it’s disabled then request to Pinterest and enable it. Because of it you are at disadvantage compare to your competitor if you haven’t enabled it.

#Rule 3: Don’t waste your time with group boards, your efforts in building boards on your account.

Lots of Pinterest marketers spam you and said to join as much as boards as you get traffic. But the new policy of Pinterest doesn’t support this thing. You should only join your topic and niche-related relevant board as well as create your boards related to it.

So that Pinterest will know this person is interested in this niche as well as he/ she creating similar pins.

So we should show his/ her pins in search.

#Rule 4: Don’t target long-tail keywords on Pinterest. Most of the users are looking for inspiration and use short search phrases of 1 or 3 words maximum.

This is also officially said that by Pinterest that user using short keywords which 1 – 3 words max would be good.

#Rule 5: The very first time your image has to be saved to the most

This means you should save other pins which are more relevant to your topic and niche in your niche-related board.

This will help Pinterest to find your interest and will help to push your similar pins in searches to relevant people.

Try to save pins in your board with the specific keyword you used in your board, title, pins description. So the targeting will be good.

#Rule 6: Create multiple images for each piece of content. 

Remember one every pin has a life span of 3 to 3.5 months. Later on, the pin will not work that efficiently.

So you can do one thing use your older content of pins to create new pins like twisting the old Title and Description and adding new images in that old pin.

So the Pinterest will like that user has created a new relevant pin and they will start promoting it like a new pin.

Don’t copy and paste old content because it will lead to banning you due to spamming.

With the help of this, you will not burn out through your pins idea and can promote older content.

Note: don’t delete old pins because still, people can access them.

#Rule 7: Be consistent. If you can’t do it manually, use Tailwind scheduler.

As well as you can use to create pins faster because it has lots of ready-to-use templates and photos and schedules them.

b. Pinterest for medium and making passive/ recurring money every month.

Medium is a free platform for writers where it doesn’t require that much experience of writing.

This means beginners can also sign up for and start writing content on the platform as a writer and start making money with monetization which is based on ads and memberships.

Medium is also similar to blogging or you can simply say that it is a free blogging platform.

The basic difference is that in blogging, you are required to create your authority with the help of a blog /website.

Post regular content on it whereas is an authority that helps you grow faster for free without creating a website for a blog.

You just have to sign up with and understand about platforms like their tools, feeds, earning, etc and you are good to go with it.

I hope you got clear with it. Now you have your content in the form of articles on an authority website called and now you have drive traffic on it.

So you have to follow all the same steps that I mention above just the difference will be you have replaced the website link with the article’s link.

This is how you can make money with and Pinterest.

c. Make money directly using Pinterest for affiliate marketing

You have to create normal pins as you know all the above rules to create and grow Pinterest. 

But after 1-2 weeks later you will get a lot of information about your engaged audiences like your ranked keywords, age groups, genders, devices they are using to watch your pins, and more.

With the help of it, you can run paid ads on Pinterest through your business account where you will get real and fast visitors on your affiliate link.

Just you have to make sure don’t link direct affiliate link. Use bridge pages like landing page or article or squeeze page which is linked to affiliate products.

Because by direct linking, you will lead take the turn off your Pinterest ads as well as by providing content or article or squeeze page or landing page is more efficient and increase your chances of purchasing affiliate product, because it creates a trust factor.


Learning about Pinterest is the powerful key tool to get a massive amount of traffic for your brand, blogs, an affiliate link. The best way to make money through affiliate marketing is to get the targeted audience to your blog and affiliate links.

All the above-mentioned methods, rules, tips will help you to start as a beginner and become an Expert in “Pinterest for affiliate marketing“.

Here I cover all the main things like all about the Pinterest platform, how to grow on it and drive traffic, creating board and pin, and much more.

Still, if you are stuck anywhere you can comment down.

We will love to answer your question and have any topic you like affiliate marketing, email marketing, or anything. Let us know.

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