How To Use “JioSwitch” App to transfer data and files in India in 2020

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Jio Switch App
“Jio Switch” app is the used to transfer data, files, photos, videos, apps, etc. with faster speed. Jio Switch app is developed by Indian Company called “Reliance Jio Communication”. The app size is 5.7MB only.
This app secured to transfer the data through one device to another device. This file transfer technology has been changed from infrared, Bluetooth to now this file transferring apps.
This app is completely free to use, Ads free and available in almost each platform like Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft windows, Mac OS,
You can download this app from:
Play Store or App store
Click here to download app
(Apple user).

How to Use Jio Switch App in Smart Phone:


1) Download app from above link  Play Store or App store (Apple users only)

 Via Play store and via link

2)Open the app by clicking open button. 



3)After opening the app following interface will found and click on the Get Started Button. 



4)After Get Started, allow the permission from the device by clicking Allow ( Don’t deny the permission, the app can’t read the data from the device and app can not perform further processess).

5)If you want Send the data , files, photos, videoes and apps. Then tap on the send button.

6)If you want to receive the files, photos, videoes and apps. Then tap on the Receive button.

7)After clicking send button. This screen will be found to the sender.

8)Select the media file. For an example I choose Photo.


9)Allow the permission from following screen. 


10) From the 7TH point receiver will get following screen by tapping Receive button (Device name will be different as device changed as brand). 




11)After 10th point following screen will found(Device Name will be changed according to brand). 


12) Tap on that ICON or Device Name to send file which is selected. 




13) Receiver will get the following screen, where Receiver have to Accept request. 



14) After this, your file, photos, videos, apps will SEND by the 


15)Congratulations to you have send the File.


Conclusion :

1) This above whole steps and instruction have tested and proven.

2) Hence these instruction will be work properly.
 3) This JioSwitch app has 4+ rating in Apple App Store, which is really good.
 4)As well as this app has 4.5+ rating in Google’s Play Store.
 5)The app works great.
 6)This app is ready to use, fast, free to use, Ads Free and completely secured.

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