How to earn money online in India for student

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In theses pandemic its very difficult to earn money. Now a days most of the people earn online money , So theirs some genius ways to earn money online in India for student.

In these lockdown period everyone to find the best ways to earn money online in India for student. Also the spend our time in proper platform and trusted ways to spend our time.

earn money online in India for student

  1. Earn money from Blogging
  2. Become a freelancer
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Instagram influencer
  5. Email marketing
  6. Earn money from youtube
  7. Online surveys
  8. Earn from internshala
  9. Google opinion reward
  10. Online photo selling

These are some genius way to earn money online also spend your valuable time in the trusted ways.

1.Earn money from Blogging

Blogging is one most genius and trust verified digital way to earn money online .

But what is blogging ?

Blogging is the skill of writing a wonderful article in your own smooth ways and emerge the images to fit these blog.

All information about blogging available on youtube.

Skill required

1.content writing editing 3.keyword research 4. SEO

Also you can start your blog with the or word press

2. Become a freelancer

You have to learn any skill and promote your work on freelancing site. You earn lot of money from freelancing site. Earn money online as a student in freelancing site is very easy.

freelancing is one the best way to earn money online. If you have any skill now you go with freelancing site like 1. fiverr


3. up work

Go with this trusted platform and you can earn real money in digital world.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing one of most common and best way to earn money online as college student.

In Affiliate marketing sell the digital or physical product Any digital site like amazon , flipkart , digistore24 give commission in his product this commission is your profit in affiliate marketing only need to promote their product and generate sell on this product to earn money from affiliate product.

Best way to earn from affiliate marketing

Earn with high possiblity site

  • amazon
  • flipkart
  • digistore

Join the affiliate program of these highly trusted site to increase your passive income.

4.Instagram influencer

Ways of Earing From Instagram are as follows.

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Include paid promotion
3. Sell your product
4.Open your online store
5. Provide digital services

These are trusted ways earn money as a college student in India.

5.Email marketing

Email marketing is one finest way to earn online for student.

In email marketing we can collect the lot of email to send their mail. Before collect mail you must have affiliates accounts. when you send your mails add your affiliate product links. Clearly mention what you can send mails. Add your affiliate link in these mail and generate sells for profit.

It is great method and best way to earn money online.

Email marketing is most effective method in online world.

6.Earn money from YouTube

As a college student YouTube is only option to earn money online to long time. You can create your YouTube channel with own unique idea.

  • vlogging
  • technical
  • learning

These types of channel you can easily create and work it on continuously and make money online. As a college student YouTube is very good and effective way to earn money digitally.

7.Online surveys

Most of the student search easiest way to earn from online in home then online surveys is most easiest way to earn.

Giving below some amazing ways doing paid surveys in that site. In online surveys you must have to shear some your real information about you and answer question of that surveys.


These are some amazing sites to survey and earn money online as a student and generate your passive income.

8.Earn from Internshala

In that platform you can earn with learning , lot of internship available in this platform. you can easily do many paid internship like as, campus ambassador , Digital Marketing, web development etc…..

More than 40000+ paid internship available in that platform. So you easily generate your passive income.

9.Google opinion reward

These is also survey app you can download from google play store.

Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards, an app created by the Google Surveys team.

10.Online photo selling

If you are ever time busy with your phone clicking selfie then you should must try these amazing photo selling platform to earn money. Below mention some trusted online photo selling platform you can little bit income generate platform.


2. Agora Images



These are best ways to earn money online as a college student and generate your passive income with that platform. If you are consistently work on these platform you can defiantly make your passive income one day.

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