How do you make money with Instagram?

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How do you make money with Instagram? Do you know a lot of students, influencers, marketers, teachers, and much more different types of people who make money with Instagram?

They are going to make money from about 4 figures (1000$) to 6 figures (100k+) with help of Instagram.

Are they doing some kind of hack or do they know some secret?

The answer is “No”, “Na”, “Nothing”

Are you interested in it (comment down with “yes”) And

Do you want that secret hack that helps to make money with Instagram as a Side Hustle, part-time, full time and as a business?

So here is how do you make money with Instagram.

There are different methods you can make money with Instagram:

  1. Content creation on Instagram
  2. E-commerce on Instagram
  3. Shout out on Instagram
  4. Paid advertising on Instagram
  5. Affiliate marketing with Instagram
  6. Print-on-demand on Instagram
  7. Selling course on Instagram
  8. Ebook selling with Instagram
  9. Complete practical knowledge of make money with Instagram

1. Content creation on Instagram

Content creation is a new era of digital marketing, media marketing, and video or cinema creation.

In this content creation field, we have to create content in the form of video, cinema, short film, animations, and blog \  articles.

This content can be helpful for audience \ people which could be in form of teaching, information, entertainment, funny, learning, financial and more as per demand.

So, for Instagram, you can create 30 seconds to 1-minute shorts, some short movies or videos, edited images like memes, facts, stories, etc.

After this, you are creating content on Instagram and building an audience. You will be able to monetize that audience and content.

But like youtube, you don’t have Google Adsense on Instagram. So you can create \ make sponsored content for some brand and they will pay you a great amount.

{Note; This is not a quick get rich scheme. This is the slow but effective and passive income option.}

2.  E-commerce on Instagram

What is E-commerce?

Ecommerce is defined as an online store or shop where you list your product like T-shirts, mobile covers, shoes, sandals, cosmetics, books, courses, and more that can be easily sold online.

But if the product is physical like books, shoes, etc. Then you have to take care of delivery.

The best example is The Big Giant Ecommerce King Amazon. It has both virtual \ digital products and physical products on Amazon Kindle and Amazon respectively.

So now you have all the basic knowledge of eCommerce.

But the thing is that where is Instagram stands here.

The answer is marketing, monetizing, and creating an audience on Instagram.

Let me explain with an example.

Example 1: Let’s consider, 

                   Chintu has an online shop/store of shoes and he wanted to sell that product with a great audience.

So, How can Chintu sell shoes with Instagram?

Answer: Chintu has to create an audience on Instagram with the help of content like photos, short videos of shoe brand new shoes.


  1. He has products to sell
  2. Audience to purchase the product,
  3.  Done marketing with content on Instagram.

This is a complete system for e-commerce + Instagram to make money with Instagram.

Example 2: This example is completely vice-versa of Example 1.


       Let us consider Chintu has been building an Instagram page on shoes where he is posting content of shoes like photos of models, videos of shoes, and more.

With the help of this, he has an audience and he wanted to monetize it.

So, he can launch his eCommerce store of shoes and sell shoes to his audience.

I hope now I have cleared all the basics of Instagram eCommerce.

Click Here to learn about Instagram E-commerce Store. 

3. Shout out on Instagram

Shout out is a paid promotion on Instagram. It is also known as IG shout-out or Instagram Shout out. 

It will be a side hustle from which you can make 30$ to 500$ per day as per the size of your Instagram page.

Mainly it will be a small part of Instagram’s income because Instagram has great potential to make money online.

How does Instagram Shout out woks?

As I mentioned you paid promotion on Instagram but promotion is in the form of mentioning someone in the story, in the description, 1st comment by admin for you.

There is also Swipe Up in Instagram for Instagram shout out but it need minimum 10K follower or you can have it with paid ads on Instagram.

Instagram shout outs price mainly depends on Instagram engagement ratio and followers. 

But mainly as much as high engagement ratio high, you will be paid more.

Where you can buy or sell IG Shout?

There are websites called “Fiverr”,ShoutCart” and “Shoutoutexperts”.

Here you can buy or sell IG shoutouts.

After becoming a brand or big page like you have 400k to 1 Million+ follower on Instagram page.

You can decide your shout-out price, as well as personal individual or brand, will contact you for promotion by themself.

You don’t have to depend on a third-party website.

{Note: Don’t do over-promotion (like every day) or scammy promotion because it will affect your audience. Try to be 2- 3 (max) promotion in a week which has good quality to price ratio.}

4. Paid advertising on Instagram

So, how you can make Money 💸 with Instagram Paid advertisement.

As the title indicates it will require money because it is paid advertisement.

With the help of paid advertisement, you can drive traffic to your profile which will increase the visibility of the profile, boost the profile to gain engagement ratio and followers.

As well as if you have any blog, affiliate links, online store, or product link in the bio section.

It will also be helping to get some conversion on it, like money 💸 due to Google Adsense on blogs, affiliate commission, sign-ups, and more.

In the right now scenario, due to covid-19, pandemic situation people are willing to pay money for an online course.

Hence creators, teachers, and influencers are creating courses and selling them on Instagram with the help of well-developed profiles and paid advertisements on Instagram.

5. Affiliate marketing with Instagram

Affiliate marketing in short term, “you are going to be paid for promoting and generating sales for any service, product (physical/digital), courses, etc. Just the thing is that you should sign up as an affiliate or partner with that particular website, company, etc.

The interesting thing is that you can make money online from 1st week as well.

If everything is good.

Now, how you can start affiliate marketing with Instagram?

  1. Create an Instagram page and for that, you need an Instagram account that will be associated with the Instagram page.
  2. Give 👍 good and optimized name and bio to the page.

      Example: Click on the image to visit the page.

Complete practical knowledge of make money with Instagram

      4.  You drive traffic, 1st you have to generate traffic by creating content on Instagram with the help of photos, stories, and reels.

      5.  Now, people will automatically take interest in your profile and thinks 🤔 that this person has good 👍 knowledge. 

          The product he/ she is promoting will be good and we should take it as a recommendation.

      6. Now they are ready to pay for the product you are promoting.

      7. Enjoy your commission.

6. Print-on-demand on Instagram

Print on Demand is an online business idea where you design and develop great graphics, images, or photos that are in high resolution.

After onward that design is used to a t-shirt, phone cover, hoodies, book, cover, and more.

Now, whenever someone purchases a product like a t-shirt 👕 which has your design. Then you will be get paid from that website or company as per their commission rate.

The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about shipping, payment 💰, online store/shop, etc.

The service provider takes care of it.

Ok, Which are those “Print on demand” service providers/websites/companies?

The “Print on demand” service providers/websites/companies are:

  1. Teepublic
  2. Teechip
  3. Teespring
  4. Merch by Amazon
  5.  Redbubble

This is the topmost leading company and website in Print on Demand. 

Those websites are completely free to use for selling or starting print on demand.

Only Merch by Amazon has some criteria to get selected but it is free.

              Click here for a completely free premium Print On Demand Course.

7. Selling course on Instagram

Right now due to the covid 19 situation, a lot of people move on to learn online. Hence creators and teachers made their courses online.

Therefore Instagram is one of the platforms which has millions of traffics and content creators on platform.

That makes it a great place to promote education, entrepreneurship, make money online, and any field courses on the Instagram platform.

If you are a teacher, content creator, marketer, coder, or anyone who can create or already have any courses to sell which has good quality.

Then you have to create one Instagram ad and promote it on the platform to sell your course.

8. Ebook selling with Instagram

Ebook selling on Instagram is also similar to selling courses on Instagram.

If you’re a teacher, creator, writer, or anyone who wants to share their knowledge at a cheaper rate and want to make some money online.

So the way is ebooks where you can give your experience and knowledge 📕 at a cheaper rate as compared to the physical book.

Ebooks can sell unlimited time you just have to create an ad on Instagram and make some sales of that ebooks. This is how your Ebook selling on Instagram will take place.

9. Complete practical knowledge of make money with Instagram

Click here if you want to make money with your Instagram business. 

Here you will get complete planning and training to grow and monetize your Instagram account.


Lots of people ask me, Hey man, ” How do you make money with Instagram?”

Some of them think it’s a scam and some of them think 🤔 he must know some secret or know something about Instagram marketing.

But the thing is that just the small pieces of stuff combine for building a small business make me money.

So, here I mention all the major methods that will help you to make money online with Instagram.

This all the methods are easy and anyone can do without any skill or prior knowledge.

You just have to become a learner. Learn small-small things like creating posts, little optimization, post them and monetize that content.

So what is holding you back?

Start learning and making money with Instagram.

Feel Free to Comment Down.

     I would love to answer or write a post on it.

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