Complete Google Form Tutorial OR How To Create Google Forms in 2020-21

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Complete Google Form Tutorial/How To Create Google Forms in 2020-21

In this article, you will learn to make or create a google form that will help you to gather the information and data requires for a specific purpose.This article is complete over all google form tutorial to create forms successfully.
You can use these methods to create a contact form for an internship, job purpose, and more.
This whole thing is easy that anyone can do.

Complete Google Form Tutorial/How To Create Google Forms

You just have to follow Complete Google Form Tutorial:

1. You have to log in with your Google account in chrome, if you are not logged in then log in to it. 

{Follow image 1}

2.  After logging in to chrome, click on the” Apps” button in chrome on the left-hand up the side.

{Follow image 2}

3. A new screen will be opened, click on the Google Docs.

{Follow image 3}

4. Click on 3 lines at the left-hand upside. 

{Follow image 4}

5. Now the click on the “Form” button.

     {Follow image 5}

6. Click on “Contact Information”.

{Follow image 6}

7. After that, there will editable content like contact information, description, name, address, and more.

8. You can change and edit all things as per requirement like title, description, information like business email, name, contact, invoice, and more.

9. Explore all things, learn them. It is really easy to learn and make the form for your purpose.

All the above points are completely relevant and with the help of it you will learn “How to create Google Forms”. These things will help you to full fill your purpose to gather information.

This article help full for those who want to hire an employ, an intern and more.Or want to the scheduled meeting of office work.

With the help of the complete above guide, you will be able to make or create google forms.

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