Alternative of Chinese Browser 2020

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Best alternative of Chinese browser 2020
Remove Chinese Browsers :
UC browser        –          jio Browser
CM Browser       –          Bharat Browser 
APUS Browser   –          Chrome Browser
DU browser       –           Firefox Browser
These days, India – China war and crises. India had banned the 59 Chinese apps where these Chinese apps called “ UC Browser”, “ CM Browser”, “APUS Browser”, “DU Browser” are 
included and banned in India. So a lot of people have to replace these apps with another one. There is some secured apps browser where some of them are made in “India”, made by “Google” and another company.
UC Browser is one of the most used and downloaded apps in India. But due to India – China crises and wars. This app called UC Browser was banned in India due to security and data piracy reasons. 
This UC browser app is listed in that Chinese 59 apps list. This app developed by a Chinese company called “Mobile Internet Company” which is a subsidiary of “Alibaba Group”.
Except for India, this app is one of the most famous apps in China and Indonesia.
This app is so popular that in decades, it is the 8th most downloaded app.
This app is banned in India and listed in “Banned 59 Chinese App 

The CM Browser app is one of the most downloaded apps in India. This app developed by “Cheetah Mobile” and “KS Mobiles”. This company is famous for its security who developed the “Clean Master” and “CM Security”. Jinshan Networks claims that this browser is one most browser that supports dual search engine. 
This CM Browser is also banned in India and listed in that “Banned 59 Chinese 
apps list”.
This APUS Browser is one most popular and downloaded apps browse to browse privately and securely. This browser helps to surf high-speed  internet connection, zero buffering videos, no ads, and a secured system. 
This app is developed by the APUS APP DEVELOPER TEAM and downloaded up to
100 million times and had 280k reviews.
This is app banned in India and listed in the “Banned 59 Chinese Apps List”.
This app is not secured to use India.

DU Browser is a similar app likewise above apps. This can also help you to browse fast internet browsing and surfing and video without  buffering. This app only supports smartphones.
This app is also banned in India due to India – China crises and the app is listed in that “Banned 59 Chinese apps list in India”.
Replacement Above Chinese Browser Apps with Made In India Browser, Made by Google Browser and Other Companies apps . 

The best alternative of Chinese Browser are

a) Jio Browser

b) Bharat Browser

c) Chrome 

d) Firefox Browser
“Jio Browser” is one of the best browser available in the “Play Store”. Jio Browser is developed by an Indian Company called “Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited” which  is a subsidiary of “Jio Platforms”. This company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra,  India who operates national LTE networks in India.This app is available Google  “Play Store” and Apple “App Store”. 
This app is free to use and free to download.
This app has user friendly design and graphics and completely secured to use. This
app has very less weight and supports Google assistant.
This app is best replacement for above Chinese Browsers.

Bharat Browser app is a browser available in Play Store and this app is made in India app. This app is developed by the Indian Startup based  company called “BlueSky Inventions” which based in Bengaluru, India. 
This app is all in one app which means it has some app itself. So you don’t have to download and you can use it via this app. 
This app was so handy and lightweight that it has the only weight of 8.7Mb. 
This app is also the best replacement of above any Chinese Browsers.
Chrome Browser is one of the best browsers in the world. This app is built-in in all android smartphones. This app free to use and already downloaded in all devices. This app is a developed Google company. 
This is already using a lot of peoples and can replace all the above Chinese 
Firefox Browser is a good browser available in smartphones and computers. This browser is developed by the “Mozilla Foundation” which is a subsidiary of Mozilla.
This browser uses the Gecko layout system to load web pages and this is also easily replaced above Chinese Browsers.

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